Time for a makeover

Monday 08 February 2010
I created this new header image for my blog over the last few days as a little art project. I sourced over 25 images, most from creative commons, and pain painstakingly cut out all the elements I needed using Photoshop.

It says a lot about my hopes for being back in the UK. I do feel I am at the seed stage, but there is the possibility of good things ahead. I do hope so. I know it is down to me.


Lou wrote:

Wow that's beautiful! And positive too, I'm sure all the areas of your life will flower very soon :).
Tuesday 09 February 2010 11:10

peter wrote:

great job mate.. vibrant colours, the hope of spring... nicely thought out and executed, top marks geezer!
Tuesday 09 February 2010 13:38

Kristen wrote:

Good job Sky... but if I didn't know better, I'd think I had stumbled across a gardeners blog : ) I'm sure all those tentative seeds will fructify and fill your life with abundance and nourishment
Wednesday 10 February 2010 21:40

sky wrote:

Truth is.. I am a gardener, I just don't have a garden to grow in. I like my tech, but you can do that and look after a garden at the same time. I will have my own garden one day, but for now I am cultivating my life. :)
Thursday 11 February 2010 00:57

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