Time for a makeover

Monday 08 February 2010
I created this new header image for my blog over the last few days as a little art project. I sourced over 25 images, most from creative commons, and pain painstakingly cut out all the elements I needed using Photoshop.

It says a lot about my hopes for being back in the UK. I do feel I am at the seed stage, but there is the possibility of good things ahead. I do hope so. I know it is down to me.

Free: The best kind of recycling

Saturday 06 February 2010
I don't like making my toast in the top of an oven. In the morning, it is likely that you may burn it, or at the very least, cook it to a crisp. There was no toaster here, so I had to do something about it.

My loverly second hand toaster - free!
When I got rid of my possessions, it went in many directions. The last resort was to throw it in the bin. Landfill isn't a good place to put something that someone else can find a use for. Charity is just before the bin, but before that is FreeCycle, or freegle. It's the best kind of recycling. You just find someone else who wants it locally, and you give it to them for free. No melting of glass or plastic, just good old fashioned re-use.

I got this fine toaster for free. Just needed a good clean. Works perfectly. It's likely there is a group near you, so how about giving your rubbish away instead of throwing it out? This toaster will most likely find a new home that way when I am ready to move on once more.

I've arrived!

Sunday 31 January 2010
My west facing window
I moved into my room in Hove on the 29th January. It is not a bad size room. I am finding it hard to unpack my belongings because there is a real lack of practical furniture to put my stuff in or on.

It is fair to say that the landlord is not as tidy as I am. The kitchen seems clean on the surface, until you open anything. I don't mind cleaning the place up, but I think there may be some resistance to getting rid of unused stuff. I am a ninja at throwing crap out, but I know that most people can't deal with it. Not that this is a problem right now, because the landlord has just left to spend 30 days in India.

The futon mattress I am sleeping on is uncomfortable. It is quite important to get a good sleep. I am going to give myself a couple of weeks to get this place in order. Even though I need to iron out many things, you have no idea how relieved I am to have my own space again. It's likely you take yours for granted.

I am grateful for people being kind enough to put me up, whether I took them up on their offer or not. So a big thank you to all of you.

Snowball Briton

Tuesday 12 January 2010
Farm from my window in the morning
I have thought about writing a blog post, but it is so cold here, I can only do the work on my computer, then I have to go downstairs to warm up. The central heating broke on the first day of the snow, nearly two weeks ago. The repair guy can not make it here to fix it.

It is hard here, with only an open coal fire and a small electric heater in my room. I have a blanket on my legs and I am wearing my coat and hat indoors. I didn't sign up for this!

I still haven't found a room. I am disappointed about that. I can't get into town to view anyway because the road is closed by the police. Today, I'm going to rewrite my room wanted ad, and start looking all over again. I found a new boost of slightly chilled energy today, from where it came, I can not tell you.


Saturday 05 December 2009
Sunsent in Arambol - The days closes
I said goodbye to Arambol in Goa. It treated me very well. I really felt like a part of the community. It is best visited at the end of your travels, because you could get stuck there forever. I played my drum on an open night in a cafe, doing backing for many acts, and earned free food and drink, but the highlight was a full moon fire on a secluded beach. Eight drums turned up and we played to 50 people for hours. Free chai. People sharing everything. I have a photo that used flash, but it does not do the atmosphere justice. It was magical.

I am in Delhi. While having breakfast, I still find myself amazed at the variety, the diversity of what was passing the entrance to cafe I was sitting in. A constant flow of humanity, each with their own story. It makes you realise that whatever problems you have, they shrink when placed in the big picture.

My trip is at a close. New things await me on the other side of a flight to the UK. Not necessarily bad things, just new things. I'm still on track to arrive in the UK on Monday 7th December.